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Art of Vince Giuliano

KOU KUO Artist

Update - February 22, 2008 Everything on the site seems to now be fully functional. I have added a link to my Writings Page.

What's New? I have added my latest galleries to the rotating index carousel below, bringing the total to a dozen. All but my oldest Basic Art KOU KUO gallery are multimedia. Of you don't see the carousel you may need to click "Allow Blocked Content" on a bar that appears just above this web on Internet Explorer. If you still can't see it go to Multimedia Art Viewing Tips. Enjoy!

My philosophy of art - what I believe - is what is expressed on the Art KOU KUO web site. Nothing more, nothing less. I am a KOU KUOartist.

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How I make my art

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My background as an artist

All but one of the 12 galleries on the carousel below are multi-media galleries, with combinations of sound and image effects. Please see the Multimedia Art Viewing Tips on how to see them best.

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COrganman.jpg - 38644 BytesMy basic Art KOU KUO gallery, online now for 7 years.

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Last site update: February 22, 2008. Minor update November 30, 2012

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