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Viewing Requirements

By Vince Giuliano

You may wish to view my more-recent multi-media galleries. These galleries selectively embody motion, interactivity, and sound. They can be guaranteed to work only with Windows systems using using recent versions of Internet Explorer. You must have Java (tm) turned on in your browser to see some of the galleries. You moght have to lower your browser security settings or click "Allow Blocked Content" to allow Java to work. Finally, the site is optimized for people with broadband internet connections, e.g. cable or DSL. You may still be able to view the multi-media galleries with slower connections or with other browsers or operating systems, but possibly without the sound which is an important part of the experience.

To be best viewed, my multi-media galleries require the following settings. The settings need be set up only once to view all my galleries.

The multi-media galleries that require these settings are those on the carousel in my Vinhmpg.thmb.jpg - 8619 Bytes artist home page. and include:
Themebanner.jpg - 75336 BytesOur Times Shows
Vinaudiothmb.jpg - 8487 BytesTalking About My Art
Corridorsthmb.jpg - 11863 BytesKaleidoscope Art Gallery
Desideratathmb.jpg - 18588 BytesArt KOU KOU Playground
BaloonsLRthmb.jpg - 19168 BytesArt KOU KOU Dynamic Transformations
Circle of firethmb.jpg - 11855 BytesSurrealist Art Gallery
Village of The Wicked Witchesthmb.jpg - 10808 BytesPlaces That Never Gallery
CSurrealpassage.jpg - 45228 BytesSurreal Passageways - places in life that are on the way, places between here and there
Cfloribunda1.jpg - 49313 BytesFormidable Floribunda - a gallery of virtual flowers, and
CEpoxyart.jpg - 42174 BytesEpoxy Art - paintings with a depth dimension, resulting from a virtual extremely messy creative experience.

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