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Art of Vince Giuliano

KOU KUO Artist

Update - January 27, 2008 Mysteriously, two days ago I discovered that color rotation and other Java-based special image effects had mostly stopped working affecting hundreds if images in many of my galleries. A glitch occured due either to a shift in Java or something my ISP did. It took me much of the weekend to get things working again. Everything on the site is now fully functional

More-recent galleries In addition to the galeries listed below, there are three newer multimedia ones:

CSurrealpassage.jpg - 45228 BytesSurreal Passageways - places in life that are on the way, places between here and there
Cfloribunda1.jpg - 49313 BytesFormidable Floribunda - a gallery of virtual flowers, and
CEpoxyart.jpg - 42174 BytesEpoxy Art - paintings with a depth dimension, resulting from a virtual extremely messy creative experience.

To see these galleries properly you will need to use Internet Explorer with Java (tm) enabled. And it helps to have a broadband connection.

My philosophy of art - what I believe - is what is expressed on the Art KOU KUO web site. Nothing more, nothing less. I am a KOU KUOartist.

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How I make my art

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My background as an artist

Mexican Beach Scene.jpg - 187657 BytesMy Basic ART KOU KOU Gallery

BtPyrashthm.jpg - 11428 BytesMy Reality Check Gallery

Themebanner.jpg - 75336 BytesOur Times ShowsTwonCrierwriteupLLR.jpg - 34232 Bytes

Vinaudiothmb.jpg - 8487 BytesTalking About My Art

Corridorsthmb.jpg - 11863 BytesKaleidoscope Art Gallery
Desideratathmb.jpg - 18588 BytesArt KOU KUO Playground
BaloonsLRthmb.jpg - 19168 BytesArt KOU KOU Dynamic Transformations

Circle of firethmb.jpg - 11855 BytesSurrealist Art Gallery
Village of The Wicked Witchesthmb.jpg - 10808 BytesPlaces That Never Gallery
Saintsonsalethmb.jpg - 7212 BytesSmall Popular Imagry Gallery on

Last site update: January 28, 2008

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