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Passageways are the places in life that are on the way, places between here and there. Everything that happens in the universe is on the way to something else happening, in some passageway. Connecting tither and yon, passageways are places in which things and events can be seen in perspective. In the long perspective of the passageway importance dwindles to nothing as time and place passes. Moths, kings and entire star systems vanish into dust, never to be remembered. Thus is perspective.

Art, comments and SoundScape on this page by Vince Giuliano

My suggestion for best viewing in this gallery is to scroll down to the color-changing image and watch it while you listen to the sound.

The surrealist Art Kou Kou pieces in this gallery are studies in perspective. They portray real people, animals or objects embedded in the perspective of fantasy passageways passageways derived from the geometric and fractal transformation of images of real places. In most cases I made the art by starting with a photo I have taken of a real place or other art I have made, and then created the passageways using Kaleider. I incorporated elements of pure 3d-art fantasy, skies, people,animals and objects, and then went on to write the comments and compose the music.

Changing the color balance of an image can sometimes strongly affect the impression it makes and gives the image a dynamic quality. I therefore show each image both in static form as I have made it and in a constantly shifting color representation.

The images are matched to atmospheric soundscapes or short music segments. Some were created by my son Vincent T Giuliano, some by me, and others as joint efforts. The sound for the final image in the gallery was recorded at a Christmas party at my Grandfather's home in Detroit at a Christmas party in 1950.

Please see Important tips for viewing the images with sound and shifting color . If Java is not working on your computer you will not be able to see the color-shifting images. When you are ready to go on to the next image, simply click the back button on your browser untill this screen comes on again.

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