Pumpkin Pie

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Pumpkin Pie is concerned with our rich Americana culture, our traditional values and ways of life.  Pumpkin Pie is about the precious things we have and are, about what’s good and wholesome, traditional, about the values we learned in grade school.  It is about the American Dream. 


Pumpkin Pie is about our countryside, for me the fields and ponds and lakes of New England in the fall.  Pumpkin Pie is about generic all-american stuff:  dark wood booths and metal-tiled ceilings in the local diner, the handwriting analysis stand in the church carnival, fields, ponds, church steeples, immense trucks, guys with tattoos, festivals for saints in the North End of Boston.  And Budwiser cans, funky small-town stores and the Indian man who puts in 16-hour days at his convenience store. 


Pumpkin Pie is the America of the Town of Springfield in The Simpsons.  It is about Homer, Bart, Marge, Smithers, Barney and the others who live in that town.  It is about episodes that can get very scary but which always turn out well. 


And Pumpkin Pie is about our cities. It is about tiny nail studios, offbeat ribs restaurants, storefront churches, storage rental facilities and American Legion halls. 


And Pumpkin Pie is very much about our people, loving couples and kids.  Its about about my family and yours, about catching fish, about old coca cola signs. About murals on brick walls. 

And Pumpkin Pie is a lot about about our flag, showing up in all kinds of places in Our Times.  One of the basic meanings of the flag is pumpkin pie reality.


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