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There is always possibility and hope, and my social focus and this gallery is dedicated to that.  I do not have a blueprint for how this existing grim situation of illusion, dissonance and denial can be resolved.  I don’t think we can simply revert to pumpkin pie, though it would be valuable to have pumpkin pie as part of where we are going. 


In principle,  the solution is based on a transformation of consciousness at every level.  Personal transformation is needed away from fear, selfishness and hoarding to attitudes where serving others is the highest value.  We need a situation where each of sees every other human to be of great value no matter what are his or her circumstances.  Many of our great religions have this principle, but it is too-often overshadowed by righteousness, ritual, and narrow attitudes. 


Institutional transformation is needed to accompany the personal transformation.  Our organizations and governments need shift their priorities to where the highest values are supporting the wellbeing, growth and contribution of all people.  This means the distinctions between “us” and “they” vanish from the political scene.  And emphasis must refocus on universal education and an environment that is sustainable in the long term.  There are seemingly insurmountable problems and issues along the way to such transformations:  terrorism, fear, war, poverty, and the situation I have characterized in my other galleries.  I do not know the exact path.  I know we must explore those that seem possible if we are to survive.


Most of the images are of our people, for they are the bearers of any hope there is.   A few of the initial images are based on wonderful murals in Cambridge Massachusetts.  Others are based on friends, a son with my grandchildren, and my wife.  There are pictures of a trucker in Pompano Beach, Brother Blue in Cambridge, a lady fishing on Walden Pond children dancing on a street, children’s art, community reaction to a church closing in Boston, and people I have just met.


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