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Kablugle Vortex

An example of one of my abstractions, created from a photograph. Abstract paintings are traditionally renderings of image mappings made in an artistís head. My abstract works are mostly based on mathematical transformations applied to my photographs. Mathematically speaking, an image is a two dimensional distribution of colors and intensities. A mathematical ď1-to-1 mapping transformationĒ assigns a color and intensity to each destination point based on the color and intensity of a corresponding original image point. That is, the mapping says where each original point goes and how itís properties are changed in the process. It is surprising what you can get starting out with something simple and colorful. I donít remember what this photographic image was to start with. Perhaps a mouse or a moose, a horse or a hearse, a cur or a car. The creativity is in picking a transformation that produces a result that works well as art.